About us...

Hi there and Welcome to Love Belle.

My name is Belinda but most call me Belle, let me share my journey with you so far...

I am a mum of two little ones, Greyson (3) and Aria (1). I live with my husband of 4 years, Kenny, in the Central Coast, NSW.

In early 2020, amidst the covid lockdowns, 2 little girls joined our family, my beautiful daughter and niece. Obsessed with all the baby girls fashion but unable to go to the shops. They inspired me to pull out the sewing machine that my grandmother had gifted me (that I hadn't even pulled the plastic off) and try my hand at creating something for them. 

My first attempt was a pair of tights that were cute but very roughly made. From there I made some bibs, hats and then attempted a pattern for bows and became obsessed. I wanted to make bows that matched every outfit in my daughters closet. Once I had overloaded both my daughter's and neice's bow collection I knew that I needed another outlet for them, then came Love Belle.

I began with the basics, a collection of simple linen colours to go with a wide variety of outfits on both clips and nylon headbands to suit all hair types and lengths.

It wasn't until my son was shopping at spotlight with me and he picked out a glittery rainbow fabric and asked me to make a bow for him from it that I branched into some patterns and bolder colours and textures. I always notice when I'm at markets that the Mum's are usually drawn to the plain colours, while the little girls are reaching for the glitter and bright patterns. So I make both. 

All of my products are personally designed and made by me, so I hope you love them as much as I do.

Love, Belle x